Building a world with a little more Yum!

In early 2020, David Gibbs took the helm of Yum! Brands, the American fast-food giant that operates well-known brands including KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, to name a few. After rising through Yum!’s ranks over the decades, becoming President and COO before being promoted to CEO in 2020, he was soon face to face with a worldwide pandemic. In this episode, we hear how Yum! and its 51,000 restaurants in 150 countries successfully navigated the global shutdown. (Listening time: 44 mins)


Electric vehicles are the next revolution in automobiles

But problems need to be overcome to hasten the switch and cement the climate benefits. (Reading time: 5 min)


Our vision to grow your wealth

We believe that successful investing is about finding, and owning for the long-term, the world's best companies to grow and safeguard our clients' wealth

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  • Video Insights Oct 2021

    Infrastructure Strategy Update

    Ofer Karliner, Portfolio Manager, provides an Infrastructure update, discusses what trends he's seeing in the uptake of global travel and the risks of inflation. (Viewing time: 9 min)


  • Video Insights Oct 2021

    Magellan High Conviction Strategy Update

    Chris Wheldon, Portfolio Manager, provides an update on Magellan's High Conviction Strategy, discusses the recent news involving Facebook and outlines why he still likes the outlook for Alibaba. (Viewing time: 10 mins)

  • Video Insights Oct 2021

    Why consistency wins the race

    Quiz - 0.75 CPD hours available

    When markets are frothy and a myriad of risks confront investors, it’s likely that real returns could be lower in the coming decade compared with the past one. Hamish Douglass, Magellan’s co-founder and CIO, discusses why such an environment calls for a portfolio that focuses on lower-risk, high-quality global businesses that can earn attractive, compounded returns in tougher times.

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